The god of eloquence and poetry, and the patron of skalds (poets) in Norse mythology. He is regarded as a son of Odin and Frigga. Runes were carved on his tongue and he inspired poetry in humans by letting them drink from the mead of poetry. Bragi is married to Idun, the goddess of eternal youth. Oaths were sworn over the Bragarfull (“Cup of Bragi”), and drinks were taken from it in honor of a dead king. Before a king ascended the throne, he drank from such a cup.

Note: Originally, Bragi did not belong the pantheon of gods. He was a poet from the 9th century, Bragi Boddason. Poets from later centuries made him a god.






  1. Kevin

    Bragi was the son of Odin, but not with Frigga. His mother was Gunnlod, the giantess who guarded the mead of poetry. mOst mythological sources that I’ve gone to say this.

    • J. V. Coffey

      Maybe. None of the legends definitively identifies Bragi’s mother. It could be Gunnlod and it could also be Frigga.

  2. tim dyson

    We are the gods we created. Regardless of race or culture, our flaws
    force us to behold and honor deities that rise up from our seas of inconsequence.

    The Viking gods are human: what else could they be.

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