ForsetiIn Norse mythology, Forseti is the god of justice. He is the son of the god Balder and his mother is Nanna. He rules in the beautiful palace Glitnir with its pillars of red gold and its roof with inlaid silver, which serves as a court of justice and where all legal disputes are settled. See Myth 12 The Lay of Grimnir.

Although Forseti is one of the twelve leading gods, he is not featured significantly in any of the surviving myths.

He can be compared with the Teutonic god Fosite, who was worshipped on Helgoland a small Island in the North Sea.






  1. Kevin

    Is Forseti a contemporary of Odin and Co? Is so why did he not preside over the case of Hor Vs Baldur?

    • N

      Forseti is one of the 12 leading gods however, the info is just not there, he only shows up in The Lay of Grimnir briefly.

    • Baldur Boodalicious

      As I understand it, Forseti is the CHILD of Baldur. I recall that Baldur was rescued from Hel by – who was that, anyway? Smooth talked ‘ol Hel til she gave him up.

      True story. No – really.

  2. Vasilis

    I like the most god Forseti, god of justice through mediation, of peace and truth. If he is asked to mediate, among gods, among humans or among gods and humans, only then he gives his decision of justice. Because he is regarded as very wise, the wisest god of Asgard, noone would dare oppose his decision. He is very eloquent as well. Besides, he can be very strict and punish those who did not follow his decision. But he is generally very kind like his father Baldr. He can be a good and bald warrior in battle, with sword or an axe, but as god of peace and mediation, he rarelly chose to fight. He didn’t fight in Ragnarok and he is one of the survivors. Well, he is not the warrior archetype most vikings had in mind (eh?), and thatś why I think although the grand son of Odin and very wise, he would never be the successor king god of Asgard. Yes he has some assistants, desciples (he teaches) and followers in his palace Glitnir (=that which shines) living with him but he usually takes care personally the results of his mediations. He is very social and jovial most of the time but If he become any moment destressed for any reason he would ask everyone to leave him imediatly alone. His most severe trauma is his mother Nanna abandonment when his father Baldr died, so he was left early as an orphan, but maybe thats why he is so mature..

  3. Sarah

    Which is his rune please? No one is showing it on any page I have searched.


    • Norman

      Norse Gods do not have “runes” assigned to them. Runes were the letters of their alphabet. According to the myths they were discovered by Oden while hanging out in a tree.

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