Norse mythology and Viking Gods 1

An excellent video courtesy of hotfactsgirls YouTube channel.


The Norse Gods


Norse mythology and Viking Gods 2


  1. Andy Rice

    OUTSTANDING video and documentary. Intersting correlation is Norse mythology and what we see written in the Old Testiment. Has anyone every done a study, or thought that most of the stories in the Bible we taken (and then modified) from Norse mythology?

    • N

      Check out Joseph Campbell, the story lines you find in mythology and religions go back further than you’d think. One of Campbell’s books in particular would be Hero With A Thousand Faces.

  2. Lisbeth mary Fischer

    Hello I love your videos, I have a very strong affinitty to the Norse Gods but I have trouble reading scripture I prefer to learn from word of mouth and to read people! I would be trully greatfull if you could tell me which Goddess gave her body to create the earth and all the infomation I might need for this year in perticularly that this year is lunar energy or female energy, and we are all to give unconditional love because all is forgiven past, present and future on all the planes of existence ! I would like to share more but will wait for your response
    . love kindness and lots of fun
    Lisbeth Mary from the dairy!

    • N

      Well, the creation story (Myth 1) doesn’t really have a “Goddess who gave her body to create the Earth”… The Realms were already there when the Myth begins. Theres an evil frost giant named Ymir, he sleeps and sweats. A man and woman grow out of the ooze under his left armpit!

      • Nick

        Don’t forget that the gods used his flesh as dirt, blood as oceans, seas and rivers, his bones as stone, brain as clouds, etc.

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