Valhalla: Hall of the Slain

Valhalla (Old Norse Valhöll,”hall of the slain”), in Old Norse mythology, the hall of slain heroes, ruled by the king of the gods, Odin, in the realm of the gods, Asgard.

The hall had 540 doors, through each of which 800 heroes could walk abreast, and the roof was made of shields.

The souls of heroic soldiers killed in battle were brought to Valhalla by warrior maidens called Valkyries. The heroes fought during the day, but their wounds healed before night, when they banqueted with Odin.






  1. thor

    valhalla was over seen by frigga!!! valhalla is her hall! she watches over the fallen heroes!!!

  2. Ahendric

    Valhalla is Odin’s Hall, and Fensalir is Frigga’s Hall. Two different Halls. And Valhalla is for those that Odin pick, who had die in battle, and where the others goes is Fólkvangr.

    Hail Odin!!!

  3. kupia

    So you’re saying that all falkenbach’s songs are wrong and there is no “Freya’s hall of brozen shields”? D:
    Guess I learned it all wrong…

  4. Aesir

    Ahendric is right. Only the warriors who die battle got to Valhalla.
    Hail Odin!!!

  5. Ogosi ike francis

    Valhall is a hall with 540 doors and was ruled by odin

  6. codyp

    valhalla is a place for all warriors who where killed in battle with a sword in their hand

  7. Einarr

    I thought Odin took half of the slain heroes to Valhalla and Freyja took the other half to Sessrumnir.

  8. Marieanne

    540 divides into 432,000 eight hundred times. They are the numbers for Ragnarok.

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