Valkyries, in Scandinavian mythology, are the warrior maidens who attended Odin, ruler of the gods. The Valkyries rode through the air in brilliant armor, directed battles, distributed death lots among the warriors, and conducted the souls of slain heroes to Valhalla, the great hall of Odin. Their leader was Brunhilde.


Valhalla: Hall of the Slain




  1. KK66

    If you have ever seen Captain America the First Avenger movie, you would know that the Valkyrie is the plane that Red Scull makes to bomb the American cities but Captain America crashes it into the Arctic ocean to save the cities but is frozen for almost 70 years.

    • KGB Agent 404

      Irrelevant. This site is about the Norse Religion, not the Avengers movie. Avengers movie – 2010’s. Norse religion – ~0500’s (origin).

      • Chase

        What? Have you not seen The Avengers? There aren’t any Norse people in the Avengers.

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